Alan Abdulkader was born in Kurdistan, his areas of study lie between art, architecture, and writing. Currently, practice architecture in Seattle and teaches design and silver gelatin photography courses and soon will teach architecture fundamental as part of Green River College Fine Arts. Coming from a background steeped in political uncertainty and turmoil has impacted Alan's visual explorations and writings. Those moments have become visible in his art, writing, and part of his architecture where he regenerated the atrocities of Halabja and the political border of Kurdistan.


2018:  Body's Memory | Kolva-Sulavan Gallery | Spokane, WA

2017:  Ephemeral Text | Pierce College, Puyallup, WA

2014:  Land(e)scape | AA's collective work | Axis Gallery | Seattle, WA
2013:  Body Topography | Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA
2013:  Body's Memory | Pierce College, Puyallup, WA

2013: competition  | Fordham University Center Gallery, New York, NY

2012:  Oblivion | Green River College, Auburn, WA

2012:  Identity Search | ArtsWest, Seattle, WA
2011:  Absence, Silence and Topographic Politics | South Seattle C, Seattle, WA
2011:  Oblivion | Kolva-Sulavan Gallery, Spokane, WA

2011:  TIMEless, Exploring the 4D space | Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA
2010:  Architecture Thesis | WSU Fine Arts Gallery III, Pullman, WA

2010:  Space 11 | Woodbury University Hollywood, Burbank, CA

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