Lost Traces | A Photographic Narrative

(92 pages, 8" x 10").


Absence | Silence

(160 pages, 8" x 10").


Mono 01 / A Search for Architecture  

(82 pages, 8" x 10").

AA's work in magazine  


(100 pages, 8.5" x 11").

Student's Portfolio

Green River College 

(200 pages, 7" x  7").


8 Essays of Architecture Intervention

(60 pages, 7" x 17").

Digital Illustrations

Body Memory Space

(60 pages, 7" x  7").


Lines of Mind 

(118 pages, 7" x  7").

Art book

7 identities

(120 pages, 11" x  13").


Listen to Silence

(140 pages, 5" x 8").



Alan Abdulkader was born in Kurdistan, his areas of study lie between art, architecture, and writing. Alan practice architecture in Seattle and have taught design courses and recently teaches silver gelatin photography at Green River College.


Coming from a background steeped in political uncertainty and turmoil has impacted his visual creations and writings. Those moments have become visible in his art, writing, and part of his architecture where he regenerated the atrocities of Halabja and the political border of Kurdistan. His artwork illustrates the issues of identity, memory, and the body's traces within space. Alan continuously researches and practices conceptual art and architecture, and writes on related topics. He also writes short fictions and poems as part of his inner exploration process and fantasizes a virtual world by blurring the lines between visual and text.

Exhibitions (selected):



2018:  Body's Memory | Kolva-Sulavan Gallery | Spokane, WA

2017:  Ephemeral Text | Pierce College, Puyallup, WA

2014:  Land(e)scape | AA's collective work | Axis Gallery | Seattle, WA
2013:  Body Topography | Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA
2013:  Body's Memory | Pierce College, Puyallup, WA
2011:  Absence, Silence and Topographic Politics | South Seattle C, Seattle, WA
2011:  Oblivion | Kolva-Sulavan Gallery, Spokane, WA
2010:  Architecture Thesis | WSU Fine Arts Gallery III, Pullman, WA


2013:  Sketch competition entry selected | Fordham University Center Gallery, New York, NY
2012:  Oblivion | Green River College, Auburn, WA
2012:  Identity Search | ArtsWest, Seattle, WA
2011:  TIMEless, Exploring the 4D space | Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA
2010:  Space 11 | Woodbury University Hollywood, Burbank, CA

Text (selected):


The Suprematism
Research proposal  

The Aperture Space
Design as Parsley
The Inauthentic Architecture of Kurdistan
Funeral Architecture
The Pianist
Architecture and Urbanism of Dubai


Act of Treasons

The Architect

Trace of the Seeds
Nazz Walking

Ashes of Silence

Nations of Ignominy




08/2018: Body's Memory Exhibition at Kolva Gallery | Spokane, WA.

06/2018: Alan accepted an architectural position in Workshop AD, Seattle.

06/2018: Monograph, Listen to Silence, Fiction | Poetry

05/2015: AASCAPES Magazine

01/2018: AASCAPES updated website released

04/2017: New digital media project released, 

06/2017: Exhibition, Space of Light/Ephemeral Text at Pierce College | reception Wed. July 12th 

03/2016: Teaching Position, Green River College, Auburn, WA 

09/2015: Architecture Position, Eerkes Architects | Bainbridge Island, WA

07/2015: Photography Project, Space of Light 

03/2015: Monograph, Lines of Mind architectrual sketches

03/2015: Monograph, 8 Essays of Architecture Intervention

03/2015: Monograph, Lost Traces 4 photography projects

01/2015: Added, New Work } Architecture, Photography, Furniture, Monograph

02/2015: Monograph, Mono/01| post-graduate achitecture projects 

01/2014: Exhibition, Land(E)scape at Axis Gallery | Seattle, WA

06/2013: Position, Intern Architect at PJA Architects + Landscape Architects.

06/2013: Exhibition, Body's Memory at Pierce College | reception Wed. July 17th 

03/2013: Exhibition, won sketche competition entry at Fordham University Center Gallery in New York, NY.

10/2012: Exhibition, Topography at Highline Community College |  Des Moines, WA.

07/2012: Alan is Appointed to the Auburn Arts Commission  | volunteer position.

04/2012: Publication, Thesis Monograph | Gestalten, Online Creative Site.

06/2012: Exhibition, Oblivion at Green River College.

12/2012: Exhibition, Identity Search at Artswest | Seattle, WA.

09/2011: Teaching, Photography and Design at Green River College

09/2011: Exhibition, Thesis at South Seattle Community College.

05/2011: Art Commission, Washington State University Magazine.

05/2011: Exhibition, won 4D architecture competition, at Pacific Design Center, CA.

04/2011: Exhibition, won 2D3D competition, at Woodbury University, CA

04/2011: 4d/space, digital intervention of architecture spaces.

04/2011: Published, Photography & Architecture, in Landescapes Journal.  

03/2011: Published,Border, in Pacific NW Inlander magazine. 

03/2011: Exhibition, Thesis at Kolva-Sullivan Gallery in Spokane WA.

12/2010: Masters in Architecture, from Washington State University School of Architecture.

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