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2023:  An Architect’s Mist

2023:  Old Country

2022:  Fell

2022:  Roses of Stone

2022:  Resistance

2021:  Cashout

2021:  Silent Horse

2019:  Autumn of Memory

2018:  Nations of Ignominy

2018:  Treason

2016:  4:10

2015:  Trace of the Seeds

2014:  Architect

2010:  Nazz Walking

2009:  Ashes of Silence

2023:  Canonical Houses

2023:  Concrete Poet

2022:  Photographic Memory

2022:  House N

2021:  In Search of Architecture

2019:  Citiest

2018:  Space of Harmony

2013:  Urbanism of Dubai

2013:  The Suprematism

2012:  Design as parsley

2012:  Research Proposal

2011:  Funeral Architecture

2010:  Zero Architecture

2009:  The Pianist


This small collection of short texts explores architectural issues, ideas, and explorations of preexisting and non-existing architectural imaginary spaces. The focus of these papers is not based on a singular set of texts but also on physical research and personal thought processes and observations. Writing has an important role in Alan's work, and it is a supportive source behind the virtual creation.


Alan's creative writing is a collective memory aroused from the abstract moments where the work is unified in the form of short fictional stories and poetry that create the ideas of the identities that relate to Alan's visual art. These works are not only conceptual representations but moments that reflect on the impression of life and the tension of ideas and words plays an important aspect in which the text expresses the notion of opposition—and an imaginative essence of one’s feelings, thoughts, and reactions in the form of poetic senses.


The work of poetry can be found on the publication page under Listen to Silence book or click on the title here.

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