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a photographic journey into the delicate interplay of light and shadow, where the tangible meets the intangible and the mundane transcends into the mystical. Explore the ethereal realm that exists within our surroundings.


In the heart of the bustling urban landscape, where towering structures reach skyward, I find myself captivated by the interplay between architecture and the sky.


Explore the ambiguity inherent in obscured windows, where the boundaries between visibility and concealment blur, leaving room for interpretation and speculation. 


Through the light source, we are exploring the still moments of the city within. What does one find on the street? Color and light, shapes and shades, time and space. What should one focus on when walking along a busy and crowded street? What should one see or feel?


The sky is a metaphor for breathing and constantly looking up into infinity where destiny is not defined and the architectural surface becomes a pathway for the eye to follow into the unknowns. 


In the moment of silence, one can observe and search for moments of uncertainty. Behind silence, there are possibilities of discovery and patience. 

Ephemeral Text

Experiment between the concept of absence and presence within the layers of the folded papers seeking the memories in the form of literature where the light creates space of emptiness.

Space of Light

The patterns can be seen from multiple directions to create more rhythm and look different under different light conditions. Presents a dynamic range of motion under the condition of how one chooses to look at it. 

Autumn of Memory

Autumn of Memory faded and traces of identity remained silent. Humans are lost for the duration of time, searching for the home of the body—death. Once death arrives, willing to breathe again beneath the dirt. 

Body's Memory II

One’s remembrance reflects on the current and past of one’s being. To remember is to reflect not only in time but in space and roots in relation to life events. 

Body's Memory

The search for the body’s memory in space, and how the body is woven into being part of its environment that creates traces.

Identity Search

Humans are lost for the duration of time, searching for the home of the body—death. A breathing death that looks up to the sky and the eye measures the distance and the cycle of return. 

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