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Abstract Design | Alan Abdulkader's Students

Abstract Design

Through abstract design, the course offers a comprehensive initiation into the visual elements of design, encompassing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional spatial representation.

B&W Photography | Alan Abdulkader's Students

B&W Photography

The introductory black-and-white photography course is meticulously crafted to ignite a passion for and deepen comprehension of the intricacies and principles of photography. 

Graphic Design | Alan Abdulkader's Students

Graphic Design

Emphasizing their role as communicative and narrative mediums, the course centers on the dynamic interplay of these components, with a particular focus on their application in print design. 

Color in Design

The class is meticulously structured to guide students in cultivating a foundational knowledge and understanding of aesthetic principles, honing essential skills, and fostering computer literacy crucial for harnessing design elements effectively.

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