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Composition II | Alan Abdulkader

Composition II

 It explores architectural space-making that combines sections and plans into one form. A symbolic line with a circle on top is repeated in every piece as the letter "I" and the idea of "I" as a person placed in a space. 

Composition | Alan Abdulkader


Explores the abstracted visual representation of a pure minimal conceptual thinking process. This experiment project explores the relationship of elements.

Composition III | Alan Abdulkader

Composition III

This series has only seven pieces that are based on the terminologies that have appeared as a foundation for my work in architecture, writing, and visual art-making. 

Fiction Architecture | Alan Abdulkader

Fiction Architecture

The notion of inside-outside intertwines and often spaces hidden in the topography, landscapes have an essential presence in the dynamic of the design. It is a context-concept exploration with some undefined content. A dream-like space or a living in the core of the earth. 

Composition IV | Alan Abdulkader

Composition IV

It is making and re-exploring lines and shapes that have become a long work in progress for the past ten years. This composition project shares similarities to the previous composition yet it is a process of void-making. The effects of invisibility often are more interesting than visibility.

Composition | Alan Abdulkader


text in progress.

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